Member Gifts and Benefits

Member Gifts and Benefits 

The RPL Foundation provides membership levels and benefits for annual and renewal gifts.  Your contribution helps to support the mission, programs, and services of the Racine Public Library. A portion of all annual appeal provides support to the Friends of the Racine Public Library. All contributions are tax deductible.
BENEFACTOR:  $5,000+

  • Conservator benefits, plus one year recognition to a designated Library area (TBD in conjunction with the Foundation)

CONSERVATOR:  $1,000-$4,999

  • Collector benefits, plus a private luncheon with the Library Director and  the Foundation President

COLLECTOR:  $500-$999

  • Page Turner benefits, plus Private Tour for a party of 4-6 conducted by the Library’s Executive Director
  • Sponsorship recognition of a Library Program 

PAGE TURNER:  $250-$499

  • Reader benefits, plus complimentary RPLF tote bag
  • Recognition on the Library’s Donor Wall 

READER:  under $250

  • Listing in the RPLF Annual Report and on the RPLF website,
  • Recognition on your library card as a RPLF donor for one year


On behalf of all of us at the Racine Public Library, thank you for your generous 2018 donation to the Foundation. As you know, tax dollars cover only the basics. Your donation allows us to be a vibrant library that seeks to challenge, enlighten, and delight everyone in our community.


Jessica MacPhail, Secretary, RPL Foundation

Mrs. Betty Brenneman
Tarnowski Trust

Mr. David Beach
Peter & Rose Christensen
Mike & Debby Eisel
James T. Fergus
Steve & Susan Konopka
WE Energies Foundation

Bob’s Discount Furniture
Elizabeth K. Harper
Ms. Beth F. Diem
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne & Myrna Olsen
Bruce Peterson

Suzanne & Roger Chernik
Mr. Donald Cress
Robert Hinderholtz
David & Barbara Houser
Lynda & Mike Mucha
Richard & Barbara Storey, Sr.
Dr. Jim & Debbie Tierney

Rick Adams
Katherine Pine Avery
Aurora Healthcare
Lori and Marc Barbeau
Kathleen Bardenhagen
Christi Beerntsen
Jerry & Dianne Belland
Mr. & Mrs. Brian  & Lisa Boerner
Dave & Vickie Buchanan
Mr. Michael Burke
Howard Carver
Dorothy Constantine
Cathleen S. Contreras
Mary Cotter
Nat Cycenas
Susan Domanik
Paul & Connie Eberly
Charles & Eleanor Edmondson
Sharon Feller
Ms. Mary Lou France
Carol & John Gianforte
Russell & Mary Ann Grady
Paul & Ruth Guenther
Bonnie E. Haney
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hertzberg
David L. Hess
Lora Lei Hildebrandt
Ms. Lynne T. Hindman
HK Construction LLC.
Nancy L. Jameson
Michael Karl
Richard Kinch
Ray & Carol Kinsley
Leonard & Jeanette Klappauf
Judah Kosterman
Mrs. Phyllis Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Larson
Samuel Lidester
Dr. William Little
Cherie A. Lyford
Ms. Jessica W. MacPhail
Wayne & Judith Marik
Mr. and Mrs. Cory Mason, III
Norah McCue
Medical College of Wisconsin
Marcia E. Meracle
Margaret S. Miller
Noel & Donna Newgord
Paul Nurre
O&H Danish Bakery, Inc.
Dick & Mary Lee Odders
Mr. & Mrs. George and Monica Oess
Jerry & Olga Olsen
Michelle Ortwein
Deanna & Jim Parrish
Ms. Pam Pfister
Gerald & Lisa Scott Ptacek
Ms. Amy M. Randolph
Frank & Mary Risler
Margaret Robinson
Ms. Ruth Rohlfing
Marilyn Rothschild
Betty D. Schneider
Nancy Scripko
Ms. Genevieve Sesto
Pat Sheriff
Douglas Thalacker
Robert & Rachel Trobaugh
Karen Van Lone
Jay & Melissa Warner
WE Energies Foundation
Joy Webb
Ms. Luan Wells
Phyllis F. Zelenski
Jean Zoeller