Appeal Letter

The Racine Public Library Foundation holds an annual appeal, in which we ask you to support the library’s current and future well-being with your donation. Please find a copy of our current appeal letter here.



November 1st, 2021 

Dear Library supporter and Racine community member,

Over the last year and a half, the Racine Public Library’s staff have worked tirelessly to keep our community connected and engaged. The library’s lifelong work has been to share its resources, collections and materials, but last year opened a new chapter in service standards for libraries. Now, libraries are called to offer more digital resources, meet our community where they are and become increasingly human-centered. The Racine Public Library has forged ahead with diligence and innovation, and now we’re asking you to help us raise $125,000 to make the swift, total transformation our community needs.

The Racine Public Library began its evolution in March 2020. When it closed for COVID-19, it offered contactless pick-up of holds and blind bags, digital resources and collections, borrowable laptops and hotspots, phone assistance and all-ages virtual programming. Despite these changes, Racine’s growing reliance on the library’s services demonstrated that libraries are always needed and always relevant.

This April, the library reopened and re-introduced full in-person services. While it revived favorite resources like storytimes and one-on-one tech help, it continued to launch new events like Food Truck Wednesdays and its first Fall Literacy Festival.

This is just the beginning of the library’s transformation. More changes are in the works, including a brand-new “Techmobile” to offer WiFi, borrowable tech and digital literacy throughout Racine and a building renovation to improve health, safety and accessibility while transforming the second floor into a community resource center.

The Techmobile will hit the pavement in summer 2022. This wheelchair-accessible addition to the Racine Public Library’s Library GO! services will host digital resources and books for checkout, including an expanded Spanish collection. It will also serve as a free, public WiFi hotspot, offer digital instruction, host after-school STEAM courses and run sessions with its 3D printers, robots and other electronics. This Techmobile is just one pillar of the library’s efforts to increase our community’s digital access and fluency.

While the Techmobile begins touring Racine, you may notice some dust around the library as it begins its renovation. This project will add new resources, gathering spaces, quiet zones and more throughout the library, enabling us to meet limitless community needs. This reimagining reflects libraries’ ongoing shifts from collections of books to community resource centers. The additions will include:

  • an expanded Innovation Lab with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) resources and programs,
  • a colorful new teen space with spaces for study, gaming and more,
  • new study rooms, a Business Center and expandable meeting spaces,
  • an expanded, climate-controlled History Room,
  • an audio and podcasting studio
  • and quiet spaces, including a Sensory Room.

It couldn’t be more fitting that these efforts will come to fruition in 2022, the 125th anniversary of the Racine Public Library. We can’t wait to bring these resources to you in celebration of our ongoing growth in literacy, connection and inspiration. 

These are ambitious plans, and that’s where you come in. On behalf of the Racine Public Library Foundation, I’m writing to ask you to keep this transformation moving steadily forward. For more than 16 years, the Foundation has supported the library by providing financial support and facilitating growth and development opportunities. We’re the organization behind library initiatives like Battle of the Books, new technology to expand digital literacy and internet access and much more. Our job is to ensure the library’s work continues far into the future, and that’s why we’re asking you to make a donation to support these efforts.

To give, complete the enclosed pledge card and return it with your check to the address in the header of this letter, or donate at Whether your donation supports the library’s renovation, Techmobile, festivals or anything else, your gift helps the library adapt, meet the community’s needs and face the future with strength.

On behalf of the Foundation’s board, thank you for your investment in the growth of the library, the community and all forms of literacy.


Angela Zimmermann                                         
Executive Director                           
Racine Public Library               

Sue Trottier
Racine Public Library Foundation